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The Mobile Food Experience

Almost every couple out there wants to show off their creative side, uniqueness, and individual expression when it comes to showcasing their wedding day. Offering guests a once in a lifetime experience at their event has become central stage when deciding on all of the details for this occasion. The latest trend has become the use of food trucks.

This has become so rampant this year in the wedding industry, that newly inspired mobile concoctions are coming to the forefront every minute!

The most amazing part - is you can creatively weave them into EVERY aspect of the day!

Cocktail hour - serving coffee, espressos, teas, juice bars, martini bars or any other type of vegan/caffeine/booze binge you want to satisfy!

Dinners - you are finding every type of food being represented from walking tacos, brick oven pizzas, salads, sandwiches, or the most creative masterpiece entrees that your mind could imagine!

And those representing every ethnicity out there!

And deserts?!?!?! wow - from made on site doughnuts, fried doughs, sno kones and all of the common street fair/amusement park dreams, to those of horse trailers containing the most adorable sundae stations (like our fave @tailandtoppings!) If you can imagine it - I'm sure you can find it out there!

The mobile trucks are the newest rage and I'm hoping they'll be around for an extended time!

They make such a diverse array of options for foodies and quite the stir and commotion of tantalizing temptations for your guests!

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