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Wedding etiquette - bridal party gifts

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Traditionally the members of the bridal party have many responsibilities. While being your behind the scenes support crew, always there through thick and thin, they are there to help the couple and encourage a healthy relationship. When it comes to all of the behind the scenes, these select few special support team members bear a ton of expense to help all of the special events leading up to and including the big day.

Many of the bridal party help chip in to be sure there are tons of great festivities and meetups before the big day arrives. From throwing the initial engagement shower, to the bridal or jack -n - jill party, to the bachelor/bachelorette party, the gifts at each , then on to the big affair: the costs of participating in the wedding! From time off of work, travel- hotel/air/gas/food/lodging, never mind the costs of dresses/suits/shoes/accessories and another present to present to the couple on the wedding day... These fine folk have made huge sacrifices for their beloved couple to support and participate in this entire process of courting and marriage.

To thank the bridal party for all of the underlying expenses and moral support ( let alone the amusements they probably provided along the way!) it is traditional for the couple to give a token of appreciation to the members of the bridal party for all of the hardships they have endured to be part of their event. The average currently is $75- 150 per member of the bridal party on a personalized gift for each that would show the gratitude of the couple and a reminder of this special occasion. This is completely dependent upon your budgets, and how much your specific cheer squad may have actually provided for you along your route. A good rule of thumb would be to show them your respect with a nice gift in this price point, as they have earned a respectable present for their hard work leading up to this day.

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