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The Perfect Dream Team for your Wedding

Putting together the ultimate Dream Team of vendors for your wedding should be your main goal for your most memorable day. Obtaining the most wonderful entertainer for your musical enjoyment, an eloquent wedding officiant mesmerizing your guests with their words of wisdom , an incredible baker making the most decadent of deserts, the most sought after caterer tantalizing the taste-buds with their culinary expertise, the hippest hair stylist with the most fashionable trends, and the photographer with the keenest eye for details and ability to enhance everyone's natural beauty... and all of those other main characters playing the important roles of piecing together your entire day of event.

These lofty goals of finding the perfect vendor for every aspect of your day however, is often overshadowing what is really important .... It's not necessarily finding the best of the best vendors - but those who truly reflect your sense of style and understand your exact needs and wants. Vendors who will truly bend over backwards to be sure that your day goes perfect - whether it has anything to do with what you may or may not have set in contracts. These are the true Dream Team vendors you should be searching out.

Looking at the idyllic photo album with all of those Pinterest pictures of your dreams strolling down the aisle - may not mean the photographer who took those may actually be the right fit for you or your bridal party! While their pictures may be undeniably the most beautiful you have ever seen - if that photographer is all about staging, primping , posing, and adjusting you , your face, your clothes, your movements, your looks, etc - you may end up feeling extremely unsettled, unnerved and violated. Your bridal party may completely be on guard with an invasive drill sergeant for your photographer, belching out commands and being too in your face... While to the opposite extreme - you have a mild and timid wallflower behind the lens they can't speak up enough to get the kids to listen or under control to take a single family portrait as no one will listen to their quiet and reserved either case a disastrous end result will be the finale for the day.

Knowing how you and your bridal party will behave (whether on the side of unruliness or perfect angelic disciples) you need to find the right personality match. This is the one person who will be following you from sun up til you finally come to the conclusion of your day. You will never have the Picture Perfect photo album if personalities are clashing behind the scenes.... no matter how much artistic vision the camera person may have.

Having a world class entertainer - band or dj isn't necessary - if they know their stuff! Finding those experienced with weddings can be key... Many dj's are radio station personalities, others are more bar and nightclub oriented, while many are just doing it as a side job. Finding the right entertainer is mostly about connecting with that person to really understand what type of music you are expecting - along with professional mannerisms you want portrayed during your event. Attire, attitude and willingness to respect your wants on your day are key to making it a fun and classic event. I've seen too many entertainers come to a wedding boasting they know what is best on the musical play list, and refuse to play requests as their personal tastes and preferences override what is being asked of them.

This leads to many being justifiably perturbed come the end of the night and no one heard a single song they wanted during the entirety of the event.

As you can see - no matter what type of vendor it may be that you are in search of... it's not looking for the "best of the best"... it's finding the one who is in sync with you , your desires and dreams for your perfect day, and their willingness to help you achieve it.

The true Dream Team will be comprised of the most understanding, respectful and dedicated in the profession who only want to make you happy.... this can mean little things like making sure that even if it may not be their job - going out of their way to see the little details and making sure they are taken care of so you will never know that things were less than perfect in the background....

At the end of the day these wil be the vendors who are the champions of their industry seeing to it that everything was above and beyond perfect for customer service, extraordinary attention to detail, and the amazing ability to connect with you on all levels to bring you exactly what was envisioned for your wedding day.


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